New Novella-in-Flash Course Open…

Writing a Novella-in-Flash / Novel-in-Flash

If you are interested in writing a novella-in-flash or novel-in-flash, you are in the right place. What exactly is a novella-in-flash / novel-in-flash? See here.

This writing course is designed as a chemistry lab in which you can incubate, develop and grow a novella-in-flash or novel-in-flash concept. It consists of 14 Modules, conducted by one-to-one email exchange with the tutor Michael Loveday. Modules consists of reading materials, writing and brainstorming assignments, and at the end of each Module you email a response to the tutor for feedback. Through each Module, you receive detailed, transformative one-to-one feedback from the tutor on how to improve the stories that will make up your novella-in-flash / novel-in-flash. The nature of the course, via one-to-one exchange with the tutor, offers you a more sustained and in-depth level of support for writing a novella-in-flash than you will be able to find elsewhere. 

A brief course outline is here. A description of how the course works can be found here

The various other pages on the website menu provide some more information about this course. 

This course is now open to participants but is operating a waiting list. If you would like to reserve a place on the course to start in early 2020, or ask me any questions, please email me your enquiry here.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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