Apply for the Course

Please use the contact form below in the first instance. If the form does not seem to be working, you can email me, stating “Novella-in-Flash Course” in the Subject header:

NB THE FULL COURSE WILL REOPEN FOR APPLICATIONS IN APRIL 2021, FOR PLACES STARTING IN APRIL, MAY AND JUNE. The four-Module short course is available all year round without restrictions.

PLEASE APPLY FOR THE COURSE BY RESPONDING TO THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS. NB Application process open in April (three new slots will be made available) and September (four new slots will be made available).

Your answers to these questions will help me understand how best I can support you on the course:

(1) What is your prior experience of flash fiction, and/or have you ever undertaken an extended writing project? (such as a novel or a sequence of poems/stories.)

(2) How often do you write? What are your writing habits/routines?

(3) What is your idea for your project (if you have one)? (Please explain in no more than 100 words)

(4) How far have you got with it (if at all)?

(5) When would you prefer to start, ideally – April, May, or June? (please rank all three in terms of preference)

(6) Which version of the course are you applying for –
Standard Course (Full Course £580 or Part One only £345)
Low income bursary (Full Course £375 or Part One only £195)
Enhanced Course (£990)
NB Further details about the different course options here:

Writers will be selected according to their strong likelihood of seeing their project through to completion. However, the first four modules of the course are available to everyone, on a self-study basis, for £45. A waiting list will also be maintained for the full course, in case cancellations mean that new places can be offered.