Manuscript Feedback & Work-in-Progress Consultations

Since 2018, Michael has provided editorial support on over 25 published novellas-in-flash across a variety of leading publishers, including several manuscripts that have either won awards or been listed in competitions.

If you’ve already written (or started) a novella-in-flash, you could obtain feedback without undertaking Michael’s Incubator course.

Michael’s editing rates are £36 per hour for final copy editing of manuscripts prior to publication (usually approx. £180 for 5,000 words), or as follows for developmental feedback:

Work-in-Progress Clarity Call”– you’ve cobbled together the beginnings of a first draft but you don’t know what to do next! Maybe your gut is telling you you have too many disparate, disconnected scenes, too many/too few characters, or there’s no “thread” suggested across the whole, or you’ve made a brief start but don’t know where to take the overall story? Maybe you’re feeling confused about point of view, or the chronology or structure?

• £50 per 45-minute Zoom/Skype/telephone call, or £75 for 90 minutes.
• £36 per 30-minute telephone call.
To gain clarity, brainstorm ideas together, and develop a tangible action plan of next steps.

Manuscript Appraisal: you feel like your novella-in-flash might be nearly ready but want to depict the characters with more nuance, tease out themes more clearly, or get more impact from each individual story. Maybe this manuscript seemed ready to submit to a competition but didn’t get shortlisted or longlisted, maybe it’s received a rejection from a publisher, or maybe someone else has read it and offered suggestions that left you feeling uncertain/confused. A manuscript appraisal will give you specific ideas for fine-tuning the manuscript further, increasing your chances with the next publisher/competition.

£120 (per 5,000 words) for 2-3 pages of developmental manuscript assessment, sent by email.
£150 (per 5,000 words) for 6-10 pages of developmental manuscript assessment.

+£70 to £90 (per 5,000 words) for line by line edits in addition to manuscript assessment. (Price confirmed after reading a sample of the manuscript.) Copy editing highlights possibilities for making the language in your manuscript more vivid, accomplished, and assured, so that you can submit your manuscript with more confidence.  

Please send your enquiry (giving brief details of the project, including word count, and stating which type of help you are looking for), via this Contact Form: