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“This course far exceeded my expectations. Every module came with a mixture of multiple prompts, suggestions for critically thinking about my work, examples to read and guidance which helped to focus my work and shape my story… Michael is incredibly supportive and his feedback is generous and delivered kindly. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to explore the novella-in-flash genre, or anyone looking to improve their writing in general.” (Gaynor Jones – Gaynor’s novella was published by Ellipsis Zine: Among These Animals)

“Writing my first ever novella-in-flash through this brilliant course, with Michael’s motivating and inspiring support, elevated it way beyond what I could have achieved by myself and helped me to produce some of my best writing ever. Each module built on story and character to give the first draft I produced real emotional depth and the feedback I received throughout gently pushed me to go even deeper. If you’re considering writing a novella-in-flash then this course and Michael will help you to work magic.” (Amanda Saint)

“Many, many thanks! Your careful reading, thoughtful responses and precise comments and questions have made all the difference. A long-gestating idea has become a fleshed-out manuscript that I feel excited–and more confident!–about completing. The course has been amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better guide to the world of novellas-in-flash.” (Danielle M.)

“The course materials are fantastic. All the further reading suggestions and the example flashes are great, there is just the right amount of tasks and reading in each module… The assignments are cleverly differentiated so you can adapt them to your project and the stage you are at accordingly.  The content is explained very clearly and in an accessible way. The tutor is approachable and also really kind and reaches out with encouraging nudges now and then which helps! The feedback on flashes submitted is very insightful and thoughtful. The course materials and you as the tutor completely over-deliver on what I anticipated the course would provide. I can’t think of a single thing that is missing… I feel it is very apparent how much thought you have put into creating the course. I would (and will in future!) recommend this course to anyone interested in writing a novella or a series of linked flashes. Thank you Michael.” (Alexis Wolfe)

“I find myself recommending this course and your work often and with gusto. I like the individualized approach. The no-pressure aspect of working on my own timetable helps me make my own mould… You extend both praise and constructive criticism with respect that gives my work dignity and instills an eagerness to continue. You really have a gift for cutting out the unnecessary and getting to the heart of the story. Your sharp and insightful eye, somewhat like a lovable scalpel, knows where to excise the waste… [The course] made me consider… scene creation in a more detailed and complex way. I’ve used the lessons on character building to more fully develop my people. I feel that I know them more intimately… The examples you’ve sent out in the modules and the information you’ve put together have amazed me. I’m thrilled to have been a part of this course.” (Debbie Daniel)

“Michael Loveday scrutinizes sentences, diction, and syntax as well as style, structure, and substance. I’m always excited to see my piece crammed with comments because they light my way, improve my process and subsequent drafts. His laser vision helps excavate meaning and inspires me to dig more deeply into story.” (BettyJoyce Nash)

“All in all, a comprehensive, well-structured course. In particular, the prompts were effective, different to many on ‘teasing’ sites on the web i.e. those with plenty of promise but not substantial. I’ve written 110 pages, or 14,000 words. I’m impressed by your editing skills. Once again, many thanks for your support and inspiration. ‘Diolch yn fawr am bopeth.’ [Thanks for everything].” (Martin Huws)

“Michael Loveday has designed the NIF course to suit the requirements of writers at every stage of their careers, and he also gives you the flexibility of pacing yourself between modules. I particularly liked the fact that I could let the project evolve and take shape without being limited by a rigid, fixed structure. Michael is an empathetic, encouraging guide, and one of the most knowledgeable and passionate practitioners of flash fiction.” (Sahana Ahmed)

“It was a hugely positive experience working with you, and I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It has given me resources and strategies I will definitely use in future writing projects… The cumulative effect as I worked through the modules was a big plus for me. The guiding framework of the course has enabled me to keep going… Whenever I was stuck there was the next module to work on with its specific focus and writing prompts… I have very much appreciated the additional reading recommendations tailored to me and my writing. I have to say that one of the highlights of working with you is tapping into the library of wonders you hold in your head…Your feedback has been excellent, perceptive and questioning, offering alternative perspectives and suggestions as well as identifying what was working well… I feel my writing has developed, partly through the practice of taking on and following through with a longer project – a first for me, and partly through your skilful coaching and the stimulating course materials.” (Ali McGrane – Ali’s novella-in-flash was published by Ad Hoc Fiction: The Listening Project)

“I was one of the writers who enrolled for Michael’s original Novella-In-Flash course. I was looking for structure for a longer piece of writing and a tutor who would critique my work. It was obvious that Michael had put a great deal of time and effort into devising his original course and I can see that he has continued to revise, refine and update the course.  The course offers the writer a structured approach to their writing, but with an individualised response to their work. Michael is a perceptive critic with an eclectic taste in reading/writing. His response will always be thoughtful. He recognises and highlights areas of your work that need attention. You don’t have to agree with his suggestions for improvement, but you understand that something isn’t working and it prompts you to re-look at that particular piece of writing. Michael has an acute eye/ear for the written word and with a sensitive understanding of the person he’s working with. For me, this has been the best course since completing my MA in Creative Writing at Lancaster University.” (Barbara Renel)

Apply for the course: https://novella-in-flash.com/contact/