If all optional assignments are completed, you can expect to –

(a) Finish the full course having written at least 30 flashes for a Novella-in-Flash or Novel-in-Flash (N-I-F)

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

(b) Transform your understanding of the novella-in-flash in a way that enriches the creative strategies available to you.

(c) Be helped by six 45-minute 1-to-1 coaching sessions – to spark your creativity, alleviate self-doubts and creative anxiety, and overcome writing hurdles. (Or 10 weeks of emails on the Email-only Coaching route.)

(d) Encounter over 100 flexible writing prompts that can be applied to different story situations to help you generate new material

(e) Undertake 30 different “brainstorming”/exploration activities to help you think in new ways about your novella-in-flash/novel-in-flash

(f) Figure out the subject matter of your novella, gain deeper insights into the psychology, motivations and behaviour of the characters, understand the settings and story situations more clearly, and reach decisions about the various storytelling strategies available to you, including where to take the overall narrative arc or how to thread your material together. In short, feel more confident in approaching publishers and competitions with a higher quality manuscript!

Photo by Nong V on Unsplash

(g) Read extracts from 10 published novellas-in-flash

(h) Receive details of publication opportunities for novellas-in-flash/novels-in-flash

(i) [Optional] Encounter 3 ‘case study’ examples of published novellas-in-flash / novels-in-flash, in order to advance your knowledge of the form and pick up new strategies. The 3 texts chosen will be tailored to your writing project

(j) Encounter innovative, sophisticated and practical fiction-writing techniques drawn from Michael’s experiences of teaching fiction in Higher Education

(k) Gain lifetime access to a Novella-in-Flash Facebook Group, featuring additional teaching content and useful links relating to the novella-in-flash. The Facebook group is updated with fresh content on an ongoing basis.