About the Course

What’s the basic format of the course?

From 2022 onwards, the full course consists of 40+ PDFS of teaching content helping you to write a novella-in-flash, supplemented by 6 one-to-one coaching sessions, by Skype/Zoom/telephone call. 

The course is divided into two halves – ‘Part One – Routes Forward’ (Modules 1-8) and ‘Part Two – Going Further’ (Modules 9-15). 

Idea For Writing

Each of the 15 Modules consists of at least one PDF handout (over 40 in total) with several pages of teaching content, writing and brainstorming assignments, and suggested reading (such as examples of published flash fictions and extracts from novellas-in-flash/novels-in-flash). In each half of the course you will have 3 coaching sessions helping you to move forward with your material. (Writers taking the Enhanced Route (Coaching + Editing) will also receive written feedback on 4 module submissions in each half of the course, 8 in total.)

It’s designed to allow for a flexible approach – think of it as the chemistry lab in which you incubate, nourish and nurture the beautiful, mad little organism that is your novella-in-flash/novel-in-flash. 

Who is it aimed at?

The one-to-one course structure is suitable for writers who want to begin a brand new Novella-in-Flash AND for writers who want to develop an existing Novella-in-Flash. You don’t need to know in advance what you’d like to write about – the course will help you figure this out. It allows you to finish longer projects (i.e. novel-length), by offering the option to submit longer manuscripts for feedback at the end of the course. 

It’s aimed at people with some prior experience of writing stories (e.g. flash fiction, novels, short stories, plays/screenplays, narrative poems, etc), whether published or unpublished. It suits adventurous, keen writers who would like to commit to a major writing project but know they would benefit from some help. It suits writers with a regular writing habit who would like in-depth, one-to-one support over a sustained period. 

How long does it take and how do I learn?

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It can be completed over a flexible time period. Most writers take between 3-9 months to complete each half of the course, fitting the writing in around their ordinary routine. You can complete the full course within 6 months if regularly clearing time in your schedule to write. Allow 3-6 hours of your time in writing, reading and thinking (including optional tasks) for each Module.

The incubation process for a novella-in-flash/novel-in-flash often requires care and patience – drafts can feel exploratory or tentative, and a manuscript can at first seem more like a caterpillar than a butterfly. This course has therefore been designed as a one-to-one dialogue and process of development, rather than a communal course for a group of writers (with the necessary deadlines that go with that style of teaching).  So, you can proceed entirely at your own pace, and you won’t have to spend time writing feedback for other participants during this course – the whole experience is designed around you and your writing. You will receive one-to-one support from tutor Michael Loveday throughout your writing journey. 

How much reading is involved?

As well as each Module’s PDFs, there are example flash fictions and short stories to read by published writers, and links to additional online articles for further research. 

For the optional ‘case study’ element, certain books or pamphlets will be required reading while undertaking this course. The cost of purchasing these texts is not included in the course fee. The number of ‘case study’ books/pamphlets you study as part of the course is negotiable. 

A further book, My Very End of the Universe (Rose Metal Press, 2014) is recommended reading, but not part of the course. This book is a seminal anthology of 5 Novellas-in-Flash. It contains an excellent introductory essay plus one craft essay by each of the 5 authors. Available here: Link

Do I have to sign up to all 15 Modules from the outset?

No, you can book a place on ‘Part One – Routes Forward’ (Modules 1-8) without committing to the second half of the course. 

What if I find I need extra help to complete the novella?

You can book extra coaching support or flash fiction feedback at any time during the course for an additional fee. See prices here

Who teaches the course?

The course is taught by writer and tutor Michael Loveday. Michael is the author of the forthcoming Novella-in-Flash craft guide Unlocking the Novella-in-Flash: from Blank Page to Finished Manuscript (Ad Hoc Fiction, 2022). More information about Michael can be found here

How much does the course cost?

Prices can be found here

When is the course available?

The course is currently open to writers who want to start in April 2022. There’s also a waiting list in case of any cancellations in Feb/March. More information is available here.