About the Course

What’s the basic format of the course?

From May 2022 onwards, the standard course takes as its core text Michael’s craft guide Unlocking the Novella-in-Flash: from Blank Page to Finished Manuscript (Ad Hoc Fiction, 2022), and supplements this with one-to-one coaching sessions by Zoom/Skype/telephone call. The course is designed as an incubator for a novella-in-flash concept, and is divided into three Phases – Incubation, Development, and Integration.  

Each of the three Phases contains teaching materials, writing and brainstorming assignments, and suggested reading (such as examples of published flash fictions). As you go through the course Workbook, you will also have 6 one-to-one, monthly coaching sessions (each one 45 minutes long) as further support.

Writers on the Email-only Pathway will receive 10 weeks of email support instead of the live Zoom/Skype calls.

It’s designed to allow for a flexible approach – think of it as the chemistry lab in which you incubate, nourish and nurture the beautiful, mad little organism that is your novella-in-flash/novel-in-flash. 

Who is it aimed at?

The course is aimed at people with some prior experience of creating stories (in any form), whether published or unpublished. It suits keen, committed writers who would like to embark on a major writing project but know they would benefit from in-depth one-to-one support over a sustained period.

Maybe you have always wanted to string together a sequence of short-short stories, but haven’t known how to make it happen. Maybe you have a novella-in-flash emerging already but you don’t know how to develop it. Maybe you feel a bit lacking in support as a solo creative practitioner, and you want some friendly help plus accountability as you move towards completion. Maybe there’s a story you’ve passionately longed to write for some time, but obstacles, inertia and creative blocks keep getting in the way.

But you don’t need to know in advance what you’d like to write about – the course will help you figure this out. 

How long does it take and how do I learn?

Photo by Roman Bozhko on Unsplash

The course is designed to fit flexibly around your own schedule. You can expect to complete the full course within 6 months if you maintain a regular commitment to write. 

It’s a one-to-one dialogue and process of development, so you proceed as quickly or slowly as you prefer, and you won’t have to spend time doing feedback for other writers – the whole experience is tailored around supporting you and your writing.  

How much reading is involved?

As well the main craft guide, there is an optional ‘case study’ element: certain books or pamphlets can act as recommended reading while undertaking this course. The cost of purchasing these texts is not included in the course fee. The number of ‘case study’ books/pamphlets you study as part of the course is negotiable. Choices are tailored to you and your project.

One further book, My Very End of the Universe (Rose Metal Press, 2014) is also recommended as a starting point. This book is an anthology of 5 Novellas-in-Flash. It contains an excellent introductory essay plus one craft essay by each of the 5 authors. Available here: Link

What if I find I need extra help to complete the novella?

You can book extra coaching support at any time during the course for an additional fee. You can also book feedback on your manuscript at the end of the coaching period.

Who teaches the course?

The course is taught by Michael Loveday, who is a creativity coach, editor, and tutor in Adult and Higher Education, with a specialism in the novella-in-flash/novel-in-flash. Michael is the author of the forthcoming Novella-in-Flash craft guide Unlocking the Novella-in-Flash: from Blank Page to Finished Manuscript (Ad Hoc Fiction, 2022). More information about Michael can be found here

When is the course available?

The course is currently open for bookings. Please get in touch here