This course is aimed at people with, ideally, some previous experience of writing flash fiction, short stories or long-form fiction, but you do not need to have been published. (If you have written stories in the form of narrative poems or plays etc, that would equally count as relevant experience.)

Fee options for this course are –

Price for participants starting in late autumn / winter 2020 – £345
Pay-as-you-go installment option available – five payments of £79 as you proceed gradually through the course. Bursary prices also available to those on a low income. Please enquire: Enquiries

Fees include –

(a) Fourteen modules of lesson content to help you generate new material towards a brand new novella-/novel-in-flash OR an existing novella-/novel-in-flash

(b) Three 45-minute one-to-one tutorials / coaching sessions, by Skype, Zoom or telephone call

(c) Detailed feedback on 11 flash fictions as the course progresses

(d) Detailed feedback on 16 further pages of manuscript by the course end-point

(e) Over 75 flexible writing prompts that can be applied to different story situations

(f) Over 15 brainstorming activities to help you think about your novella-in-flash / novel-in-flash in new ways

(g) Reading extracts from five published novellas-in-flash plus further relevant short stories. 

(h) Details of publication opportunities for novellas-in-flash / novels-in-flash

(i) [Optional] Tailored novella-in-flash / novel-in-flash reading recommendations according to your project, plus the opportunity to discuss these by email / Skype / phonecall etc. NB price of purchasing books not included in your course fee. 

(j) Optional feedback on longer final manuscript – £27 per 1,000 extra words, pro rata rates apply.

(k) Additional half-hour sessions of creative coaching by Skype / Zoom / telephone call can be booked as extra support during the course – £20 for 30 minutes. Or ongoing email coaching support whenever you need it – £50 per month.

Fees payable by PayPal or bank transfer – please send an enquiry in the first instance: Enquiries