Course Structure

The full course consists of 14 Modules of PDF teaching content, writing prompts, brainstorming activities, and reading suggestions. Estimated time per Module – 3 to 6 hours of writing, reading and thinking (including optional tasks). Allow minimum 3 months for each half of the course. NB Thirteen of the fourteen Modules include feedback on your writing.

PART ONE – Routes Forward

Module 1 – 45-minute Skype / Zoom / Telephone tutorial – Idea Generation / Idea Discussion

Module 2 – Significant Encounters / Events; Optional – Novella-in-Flash Case Study 1 (choice based on your previous reading of novellas-in-flash)

Module 3 – Thickening Your Story Soup (stage 1): Characters & Relationships

Module 4 – Thickening Your Story Soup (stage 2): Setting & Description

Module 5 – Thickening Your Story Soup (stage 2 contd.): Setting & Description (contd.)

Module 6 – Thickening Your Story Soup (stage 3): Strategies for Enriching and Contrasting Characters

Module 7 – 2nd 45-minute Skype / Zoom / telephone call (or email exchange if preferred); Problem-Solving Surgery; Feedback on a further 4 pages of flash fiction; Optional – Novella-in-Flash Case Study 2.

PART TWO – Going Further

Module 8 – Thickening Your Story Soup (stage 4): Turning Points; Primal Action

Module 9 – Thickening Your Story Soup (stage 5): Connective Tissue; Strange/Innovative Forms

Module 10 – Ways to Delve More Deeply into Character

Module 11 – Problem-Solving Surgery; Optional – Novella-in-Flash Case Study 3

Module 12 – Narrative Arcs; Writing a Synopsis

Module 13 – Finding an Ending; Problem-Solving Surgery; Reflections on the Course

Module 14 – 3rd 45-minute Skype / Zoom / telephone call (or email exchange if preferred) to identify next steps for your novella; Feedback on a further 8 pages of completed flash fiction + synopsis.

(Plus options available for detailed written feedback on a longer final manuscript – see Prices for details.)

Information about Course Outputs and Course Outcomes can be found here.

A more detailed course outline is available here.