Full Course Structure

The full course in 2021 consists of 15 Modules of teaching content (over 40 PDFs with writing prompts, brainstorming activities, reading suggestions and links to online articles). Estimated time per Module – 3 to 6 hours of writing, reading and thinking. The course is divided into two parts. Allow minimum 3 months for each half of the course.

PART ONE – Routes Forward

Module 1 – Introduction to Different Types of Novella-in-Flash; Idea Generation/Idea Discussion

Module 2 – A Significant Encounter; Further Prompts for Generating Ideas; Optional Novella-in-Flash Case Study 1 (a classic example that you haven’t read before)

Module 3 – Thickening Your Story Soup (stage 1): Working with Character

Module 4 – Building Your Fictional Universe (stage 1): Developing a Cast of Characters

Module 5 – Building Your Fictional Universe (stage 2): Setting and Description

Module 6 – Thickening Your Story Soup (stage 2): Going Further with Setting & Description

Module 7 – Digging Deeper into Character (part one)

Module 8 – Creating a “Story-Engine” (part one); Optional Novella-in-Flash Case Study 2

PART TWO – Going Further

Module 9 – Thickening Your Story Soup (stage 3): “Connective Tissue”; Strange/Innovative Forms

Module 10 – Thickening Your Story Soup (stage 4): Creating a “Story-Engine” (parts two and three): Narrative Turning Points and Competing Forces

Module 11 – Digging Deeper into Character (part two)

Module 12 – “Speaking Silences”; Format/Layout; Optional Novella-in-Flash Case Study 3

Module 13 – Narrative Arcs; Writing a Synopsis

Module 14 – Finding an Ending;

Module 15 – Reflections on the Course; Identifying Next Steps

(Plus options available for detailed written feedback on a longer final manuscript – see Prices for details.)

Information about Course Outputs and Course Outcomes can be found here.

A more detailed course outline is available here.