4-Module Short Course

The materials for the 4-Module Short Course are exactly the same documents you would receive if undertaking the first four Modules of the full novella-in-flash course.

These 12 PDFs of teaching content are made available on a self-study basis.

During these four Modules, you’ll:
– write ten new flash fictions for your novella-in-flash
– undertake three Exploration/Brainstorming exercises to deepen your understanding of what you want to write about
– create a fleshed-out portrait of at least one main character
– understand the network of characters and relationships forming the whole novella

– learn about the different types of novella-in-flash and what makes successful flash fiction
– The course also offers five different idea-generating exercises for writers who are beginning with a completely blank canvas and don’t yet know what overall story material to base their novella upon.

After completing this intro course, you’ll have three options for progression:
(a) book a 60-minute work-in-progress coaching session to help you figure out your own path forward
(b) apply for the full 15-Module course
(c) if you prefer to proceed gradually in stages, apply for the remainder of Part One (Modules 5-8).

With either (b) or (c), you’ll get your full quota of manuscript feedback through upgrading, and your payment for this intro course will be taken off the course fee so that you’re not out of pocket.

The contents of this 4-Module intro course are as follows:

Module 1 – Classic Form Flash Fiction; Introduction to Different Types of Novella-in-Flash; Idea Generation/Idea Discussion; Three Articles about Creativity and Writing; General Writing Tips for Flash Fictions – 3 online articles to read; History of Flash Fiction & Definitions; “Slouch to 5k” coaching programme – resources #1 & #2

Module 2 – Brainstorming: Significant Encounters; Three further prompts for generating ideas: Timeline (a life-writing activity to generate new ideas), Historical Event (a second life-writing activity to generate new ideas) and “The Trawl”; Reading Inspiration – Essay by Audre Lorde: ‘The Transformation of Silence into Language and Action’; “Slouch to 5k” coaching programme – ‘The Guide’

Module 3 – Thickening Your Story Soup (stage 1): Working with Character; 7 minute George Saunders video animation about tackling long-form fiction; Three writing prompts: “Home Territory”/Ordinary World; An Encounter; Personal Interests; Reading Inspiration – ‘Shitty First Drafts’, extract from Bird by Bird, by Anne Lamott; “The Universal Can Opener” – a tool for getting going with any flash fiction prompt

Module 4 – Building Your Fictional Universe (stage 1): Identifying a Cast of Characters & describing Relationships through Past/Present/Future – family, intimate relationships, work, community, institutions, neighbours, friendships (and pets!); Character Archetypes from the Hero’s Journey and The Enneagram; Managing your Novella’s “Population Size”; Four Extra Writing Prompts – Another Encounter, The Ritual, Institutions, Sound FX; “Slouch to 5k” coaching programme – ‘The Soundtrack’

This short course is available for purchase all year round.

4-Module Short Course

All twelve PDFs of teaching content from the first four Modules of the full novella-in-flash course, made available on a self-study basis.